Second-hand accessories for dogs and cats: is that a good idea?

We love them and they know how to give it back to us. Our four-legged friends must have some comfort and entertainment for a balanced life. Cat trees, baskets, toys of all kinds and other transport boxes represent a significant additional cost when taking a dog or cat. Occasional use may be a good thing, but under certain conditions.

A matter of hygiene and health

Remember that it is not easy to properly wash all animal accessories and that previous owners do not necessarily do so. Animals can carry different parasites (worms, fleas, ticks…) and a variety of infections and diseases, which can be transmitted through the skin or saliva and other mucous membranes. It is therefore extremely important to wash again and then make sure to eliminate germs, microbes and parasites before making your purchase available to your pet.

cat accessories

Homemade and economical preparation for the maintenance and cleaning of your animals’ accessories

Don’t worry, you don’t need big investments: you can completely clean your pet’s toys, stuffed animals, baskets, cat trees and other accessories with a homemade preparation made up of:

  • 5 litres of water,
  • 12 centilitres of baking soda,
  • 12 centilitres of black soap or Marseille soap.

This preparation is perfectly suitable as the products used are without any risk for the animal, which can put these objects back in the mouth after they have been rinsed beforehand!

Make the right purchase

However, this preparation will not eliminate fleas, bed bugs or other parasites whose nests are in the purchased accessory. Remember that these parasites are very small and can sneak into a cushion or basket, or into the soft lining of a cat tree. It is therefore quite risky to use the second-hand box for this type of product. If you still want to try it, be aware that it is imperative to treat the object with the appropriate products. For-Sale offers second-hand dog accessories, for example, as well as other pet accessories.